About Us

Creative Gaps International was created to help small to large businesses expand their reach in their business market. We pride ourselves in finding or creating a need for individual businesses and broaden their client base and exposure. Be it through a loyalty program or innovative marketing options.

JohnCreative Gaps was the brain child of John Mortimer who has been working and managing teams of people in the financial industry for 10 years. Coming from a financial background where service is often forgotten; and often seeing business opportunities for companies in their industries being wasted, he decided to create a forum where he could help businesses expand and grow their exposure and make sure that the service aspect does not get left behind for all parties involved.

Not to mention that he currently has three innovations running in the company’s research and development department. “In a world where people are always trying to think outside of the box, it is often what is in the box that gets left behind and basics are often forgotten. We at Creative Gaps International make sure that every angle of your business box is covered.”

The consumer is always looking for a better deal or a “what do I get out of the deal” product. So by creating partnerships through loyalty programs it is a win, win situation for all parties involved. The consumer gets loyalty points or cheaper rates on products and the companies create an avenue for repeat business, loyalty and profit.