Can My Debt

Creative Gaps was started to bring innovation and ambitions into reality. Can My Debt is the first of its kind in the world and we at Creative Gaps are looking forward to an exciting future with the Can My Debt innovation.

Everyone has debt… whether its large or small it eats into our monthly expenditure and holds us back from living our lives and giving out family what they need or want. Can My Debt is all about you and helping you with your Debt. Yes its a lucky draw but the great thing is once our licence is approve (still pending) there will eventually be winners every month. In this way we not only pay the debt amount draw for the pool your entered but we also helping countries economy which in turn will help you again.

The most important thing to know and understand about Can My Debt is the pool sizes and how they work. There are 5 pools each prize higher than the next but the odds get lower the higher you go, so its always better to enter the one closest to your debt amount. If you want you can enter more than one pool at a time but only one ticket per person.

The prize money you win does not get paid to you however. First we settle as much of your debt as possible (sending you confirmation of payment of course) with the winnings and if there is any left over we will gladly pay that over to you. All ticket purchases are done online or on your smart phone, other options will be created for those who don’t have the online or smart phone capabilities.

More about Can My Debt will be released in the near future once all licences, trademarks and patents are approved and we ready to launch. We look forward to helping you lower your debt and helping the other charities that will be sponsored through this initiative.